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AI for leadership coaching

LeaderAMP is a cost effective, cloud based mobile leadership development app that utlises AI coaching and diagnostics so leaders can easily develop capability.

Successful leaders reflect on their work, seek feedback, learn from challenges and achievements and adjust their approach accordingly. LeaderAMP enables them to do this easily and conveniently when and where they choose. 

LeaderAMP measures and develops the key characteristics that make leaders effective using the latest science and technology. It makes coaching programs more systematic and scalable with measurable progress.

It doesn’t replace an in-person coach. It does drive accountability for taking action and practicing improvement actions between coaching sessions, as well as supporting reflection which is key for learning. 

360 Assessment

The high quality 360 assessments provided by LeaderAMP are free from bias – the only 360 in the world to do so. The personality assessment it provides is 60 – 90 % shorter and faster than competitor solutions. Personality is assessed via 360, in line with the latest thinking about measuring personality and aligns with Hogan’s Social Analytic Theory of Personality.

Affordable for leaders at all levels

International research demonstrates that organisation’s leadership development efforts need to start earlier in careers so that a strong pipeline of leaders is cultivated. LeaderAMP enables development of leaders at all levels of an organisation. Historically, most organisations have not been able to do this due to cost pressure. LeaderAMP is an accessible, intuitive app that is affordable enough to be used by leaders at all levels of an organisation. Specific leadership competencies can be incorporated to develop an organisation’s specific leadership DNA.

Development of LeaderAMP

LeaderAMP was developed by organisation psychologist Dr Matt Barney to provide high quality, efficient and effective assessment and development. It is based on decades of research. If you would like to trial LeaderAMP in your organisation, please contact Dr. Gabrielle Ostrognay at gabby@gopp.net.au