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Effective Organisational Leadership

Leading for success

Effective Organisation Leadership (EOL) is made up of four dimensions. Leaders who demonstrate these four elements of organisational leadership are viewed as:

  • decisive and supportive in tough situations
  • good communicators who provide the why for change
  • optimistic about the future

Our research has shown that employees who rate their leaders positively on each aspect of Effective Organisational Leadership (EOL) are:

  • motivated to contribute their best work
  • committed and loyal
  • feel proud
  • are willing to contribute extra effort for the organisation to be successful.

Leaders who seek feedback from their staff, peers, line manager and customers (ie 360-degree feedback) on each element of Effective Organisational Leadership (EOL) at a granular level are in a position to take action to enhance their capability. 

The EOL can be tailored to include the specific aspects of leadership that are aligned with its strategy.

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