Go People and Performance



  • Provides the challenge and support needed for improved effectiveness as a leader.
    Works with successful leaders to continue to grow; deep experts promoted to senior positions without sufficient people leadership development; newly appointed leaders, including those taking up roles in a new organisation.
  • Focus areas include understanding oneself and others, motivating performance, accountability, managing performance, strategic capability, challenging conversations, emotional intelligence, confidence, transitioning levels, and career progression.
  • Use of LeaderAmp, a cutting-edge e-coaching app to encourage learning application.
  • Clients report greater clarity about what matters to them, deeper insight into their motivation and behaviour, and greater skill in working with others to achieve results.

Capability assessment and development

  • Capability design and assessment, including psychometrics, 180 and 360 feedback for Leadership, Sales, Customer Service roles.
  • Executive profiling for succession and talent management.


  • Facilitates workshops and bespoke programs including Adapting to Others, Effective Team Functioning, Moving from Strategy to Action, Challenging Conversations, Prioritisation, Accountability and Getting Work Done, Resilience, Well-being and Stress.

Vision, Mission and Values

  • Facilitates leaders, teams, and organisations to develop their vision, articulate their mission, and develop bespoke tools to activate the use of values.

Team effectiveness

  • Works with individuals and teams to facilitate people working together, address conflict, and develop shared expectations and way of working.


  • Works with people and teams to address conflict and facilitate performance.


  • Conducts and analyses organisational survey results including engagement, pulse, culture, psychological safety, trust, and risk surveys.
  • Designs and implements bespoke surveys to gather intelligence and inform change.
  • Designs cost-effective improvement strategies
    and actions.